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Energy medicine is growing in popularity, but it is far from new. Bioenergetic Medicine Theory is based on the time-tested principals of ancient Chinese medicine and bioenergetic technology is the coming together of advanced scientific and technological understanding, and ancient Chinese medicine practices. A bioenergetic screening device is a form of this technology (also referred to as EAV or EDS) and has been around for over 50 years. It works by measuring the skin’s electrical properties at specific acupoints that relate to certain organs, thereby helping practitioners gain insight into client’s individual responses.

What We Offer:

                       Meridian Stress Assessment  $150
            *1st Individualized Imprint Remedy Included in above price  
                       Additional remedies priced at $20 per Imprint Remedy
                                      Revisit Appointments are By Package Pricing  $55 per Appointment              (40 Minutes)
             $25 for additional 10 minute increments or 3 Additional Scans
              PEMF Sessions $60 per session, $330 for 6 sessions, $500 for                    10 sessions

             HUNS Anaylsis $125 (Includes Detailed Report & Imprint)

             Pet Testing $125 (Includes Detailed Report & Imprint)

             Reflexology $45
             Ionic Foot Bath Detox $45
             With Aromatherapy Add $10
             Spa Bath Detox $85
             Neuro-Muscular Therapy $50

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